Gemstone Crystal Passion Bracelet

Gemstone Crystal Passion Bracelet

A combination of gemstones, Potomac crystal and Czech fire polish are used in these bracelets


Chinese Rainbow Jasper: 7"

Pink crystal: 7"

Honey Jade: 7 1/2"


EXPANDABLE - Chosse the Extension option and make sure to add an email address at checkout so that I may email you to see what size is needed


Glass cupbutton closure


Design idea from Leah at Eureka Crystal Beads

Modified and handmade by Dena

  • Information about the jewelry

    Dimentions are as close to listed size as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any questions about any products.


    Please be aware that:

    1. The beads used in making the jewelry are glass. If dropped on a hard surface, it can shatter. 

    2. Excessive exposure to water may decrease the durability of the product.


    Cleaning: A polishing cloth may be used to clean your product. Do not use excessive force as this can scratch the surfaces of the beads and stones.


    Storage: Do not store in direct sunlight as this can alter natural gemstones.